2013 Election Candidates

The positions up for election in 2013 are the assistant commisioner position currently occupied by Bobby Rivera, the public relations position currently occupied by Raul Zubiate, the player representative position currently occupied by Ernesto Lopez, and the assistant treasurer position. The current outgoing treasurer Christina Castellanos will be replaced by Aaron Fullerton.

Biographical information of those running for office is posted below, so you can make a more informed choice during the election. A summary of the 2013 candidate information can be downloaded here in pdf format, convenient for printing.

Assistant Commissioner

Assistant Commissioner Candidate Picture - Bobby Rivera
  • Name: Robert (Bobby) Rivera
  • Division(s) Participate In: Monday C and Tuesday B/C divisions
  • Reason Running for Office: If elected, I want to implement new and creative ideas to keep the association lively and fun for all 5 divisions. All current members currently play on or will be moving up to play on the Monday A divison. I will moving up to play on the Monday B division, so this will allow for better board member coverage. Having a board member present at each game for the Monday B division and also willing to travel to other parks as needed. I am qualified to run for this position given the knowledge and experience I have received while being on board including reviewing the rules and bylaws.
  • Biography: I am the current assistant commissioner that took over this position from someone else when they stepped down from the board. This means the term that I am serving less than half of the original 2 year term. I would like to run for office so I can complete a full term of office.
Assistant Commissioner Candidate Picture - Raul Zubiate Jr
  • Name: Raul Zubiate Jr
  • Division(s) Participate In: Monday A and Tuesday A/B divisions
  • Reason Running for Office: I feel that we have a great association, but we always can get better. I am a firm believer that you get out what you put in an organization like the Arizona Gay Volleyball Association. Our challenge going forward is to continue to grow our association both in numbers and the overall volleyball experience that the AZGV has to offer, while balancing the needs and conduct that comes with this sport. I believe that I offer the experience, passion and love for the game that is needed as a board member.
  • Biography: I have decided to run for another term on the AZGV Board because I think that it takes time and dedication to become familiar with all of the different responsibilities that are required to run this association. I have held many leadership position in my past and I a currently serve on the board as the Public Relations chair. ln addition to my board position, I am also the Director of Operations for the Karamba Cobras (Kings, Queens, Chiefs, Emperors & Pharaohs) as well as Captain of the Karamba King Cobras.

Player Representative

Player Representative Candidate Picture - Michael Pool
  • Name: Michael Pool
  • Division(s) Participate In: Monday C division
  • Reason Running for Office: As a frequent participant in the valley's LGBT sports organizations, I feel it is important to give back to the community and this is one of the best ways to be involved in programs that touch so many people's lives. I also want to end world hunger and focus on education for the Miss South Carolinas and Miss Utahs of the world.
  • Biography: I have played volleyball with AZGV since first moving to the valley in 2004 ... many many moons ago before there were things like light rail, Grindr, and Fireball Rumchata shots. I am also active in softball as long as the outfits are cute and I occasionally suffer embarrassing losses playing Tennis. When I am not in Phoenix, I can usually be found at the airport on my way to or from states that laugh at how long Arizona driver's licenses are valid.
alt="Player Representative Candidate Picture - Ernesto Lopez" />
  • Division(s) Participate In: Monday A and Tuesday B/C divisions
  • Reason Running for Office: I am interested in running for the position of player representative. I currently hold this position and would like to continue my work with the league. As your current player representative, I have helped assist the board in improving and growing the league.

    As we look ahead to the future, I and your board members are currently discussing player concerns with equpmment, facilities, and scheduling. We are looking into all aspects of the league as we anticipate continued growth. This is a very exciting time for the league and our members. With your vote, I would like to continue in this endeavor.
  • Biography: Over the past two years, I and your other board members have had many accomplishments. We have doubled the size of the league, held a constitutional convention to clearify and ratify numerous changes to our bylaws in an attempt to increase transparency and accountability, obtained insurance for the league, and filed for non-profit status as a 501(c)3 organization. If granted, it would mean any membership fees paid or in-kind contribution by you would be eligible for a tax write off.
Player Representative Candidate Picture - Amanda Wallace
  • Name: Amanda Wallace
  • Division(s) Participate In: Monday B divisions
  • Reason Running for Office: Vote for me for player representative, so I can help make sure it is always something you look forward to participating in as well!
  • Biography: I have been playing with AZGV for 4 years now and it's the one day a week I can always look forward to.

Public Relations

Public Relations Candidate Picture - Public Relations
  • Name: Kevin Bushaw
  • Division(s) Participate In: Monday A division
  • Reason Running for Office: I have been playing with AZGV for the past four years. My goals for AZGV would be increasing awareness of the league within the gay community through social media and gay print outlets, improving communication within the league, and create partnerships with other sports organizations.
  • Biography: I am the creative director for ION Arizona Magazine and have over eleven years of experience with Marketing and Public Relations.

Assistant Treasurer

Assistant Treasurer Candidate Picture - Juan Chia
  • Name: Juan Chia
  • Division(s) Participate In: Mondays A and Tuesday B/C divisions
  • Reason Running for Office: The reason I am running for office is because I believe my skills and abilities can contribute to the league. I am completing my 4th season with the league and have seen the great improvements the league has made over the last couple of years. I would like to be a part of that improvement by contributing and responding to the needs of the league and it's members.
  • Biography: I feel I am qualified to become the next assistant treasurer because I am familiar with P&L's, budgets, and have a willingness to learn. I can contribute the time commitment necessary for this voluntary position.

2013 Election Results

We want to thank all candidates for running for office. We have such a vibrant and active organization because we consistently have people willing to serve and help make our organization better year after year. It is a great testament that to the quality of our membership that they care enough to give back and have people take on leadership roles within our organization.

Congratulations to the following new board members who will take office on January 1, 2014: Raul Zubiate Jr as your new assistant commissioner, Ernesto Lopez returning as your player representative, Kevin Bushaw as your new public relations director, and Juan Chia as your new assistant treasurer.

We thank all outgoing board members for their hard work, dedication, and service. The league would not be what it is today without people willing to step up, make a difference, and serve their community, so thank you!