2014 Election Candidates

The positions up for election in 2014 are the commissioner position currently occupied by Conard Franz, the assistant commissioner position currently occupied by Eddie Cruz, the secretary position currently occupied by Fabian Smith, and the assistant treasurer position. The current outgoing treasurer Aaron Fullerton will be replaced by Juan Chia.

Biographical information of those running for office is posted below, so you can make a more informed choice during the election. A summary of the 2014 candidate information can be downloaded here in pdf format, convenient for printing.


Commissioner Candidate Picture - Conard Franz
  • Name: Conard Franz
  • Division(s) Participate In: Monday A and Tuesday A/B divisions
  • Reason Running for Office: I want to continue being a part of the board to keep up the growth of the league and follow through with the positive changes we have made. I look forward to another term as commissioner with AZGV.
  • Biography: I currently work at University of Phoenix and have a passion for sports. I play volleyball, softball, soccer, pool, darts, and any other fun sport I can. I have been involved with AZGV for six years now and have loved the growth the league has shown.

Assistant Treasurer

Assistant Treasurer Candidate Picture - Sheldon Baldwin
  • Name: Sheldon Baldwin
  • Division(s) Participate In: Monday B and Tuesday B/C division
  • Reason Running for Office: I am running for the assistant treasurer position because I feel with my general manager experience, I would be a great fit. I have knowledge in P&L reports, financial planning, and sales accounting. I also have to make sure that I am fiscally and financially responsible for meeting sales goals as well as being fiscally responsible to payroll and various financial budgets and deadlines.

    I also would like to be apart of an organization that has a wonderful and positive impact not just on the LGBT community but is making a positive impact and ushering change in the Central Phoenix community, which I feel AZGV does. I have seen the league grow in such a positive way in the past year and would love to contribute and be apart of this dynamic organization.
  • Biography: I am currently a general manager for Cost Plus World Market. I previously was in education and taught for several years here in the valley. My friends and I found out about AZGV last Summer and decided to get a team together since we all had an interest in playing. I have thoroughly enjoyed being apart of the league and look forward to my Monday and Tuesday nights of play each week.

Assistant Commissioner

Assistant Commissioner Candidate Picture - Robert Wellman
  • Name: Robert Wellman
  • Division(s) Participate In: Tuesday A/B division
  • Reason Running for Office: I am interested in running for the assistant commissioner position to help out AZGV. I am very proud of our league and all the current work the board has done. I would like nothing more than to continue making the league as good as it can be.
  • Biography: I am currently a sponsor, player, coach, and supporter of AZGV. I am not divulging my age but suffice to say I am old and I would like to spend my finest years investing more time in community organizations. I feel this would be a great step in that direction. With all that said I, thank anyone for their time and consideration in this.
Assistant Commissioner Candidate Picture - Eddie Cruz
  • Name: Eddie Cruz
  • Division(s) Participate In: Monday A and Tuesday B/C divisions
  • Reason Running for Office: Since I have joined the board I am proud to say that I have helped make positive changes to the league and plan to continue making AZGV nothing but the best! One of my main "projects" I have had on the board was the annual tournaments we do and I am proud of the improvements and fundraising we have increased with the tournaments. I would appreciate your consideration in electing me for another 2 years as Assistant Commissioner for the AZGV board!
  • Biography: I currently work at Bristol West Insurance Company, a branch of Farmers Insurance: "we are Farmers, bum buh dum bum bum bum bum!" I have a heart for sports. I play volleyball, softball, and flag football. I have participated in the league for over 2 years and have enjoyed serving on the board for the past 2 years.


Secretary Candidate Picture - Dino Trujillo
  • Name: Dino Trujillo
  • Division(s) Participate In: Mondays B
  • Reason Running for Office: I am running for office to help make a difference and improve the league.
  • Biography: A little bit about myself. I have lived in Phoenix for 16 years. I'm originally from New Mexico. I moved here from Seattle. I've been playing with AZGV for about three years now and I really enjoy it. I currently play with the team "One Hitters" in the Monday B division.
Secretary Candidate Picture - Fabian Smith
  • Name: Fabian Smith
  • Division(s) Participate In: Monday A and Tuesday B/C divisions
  • Reason Running for Office: I currently hold the Secretary position on the AZGV Board. I am looking to run for another term as your AZGV Secretary for up coming elections. I am hard working and adhere to all responsibilities that are set forth for me by AZGV.
  • Biography: I currently am an independent contractor. I have been playing volleyball with AZGV for the past 2 years.

2014 Election Results

We want to thank all candidates for running for office. We have such a vibrant and active organization because we consistently have people willing to serve and help make our organization better year after year. It is a great testament that to the quality of our membership that they care enough to give back and have people take on leadership roles within our organization.

Congratulations to the following new board members who will take office on January 1, 2014: Eddie Cruz returning as your assistant commissioner, Fabian Smith returning as your secretary, Conard Franz returning as your commissioner, and Sheldon Baldwin as your new assistant treasurer.

We thank all outgoing board members for their hard work, dedication, and service. The league would not be what it is today without people willing to step up, make a difference, and serve their community, so thank you!

Bylaw Update: After a bylaw meeting scheduled after the election, the assistant commissioner positions were slightly changed. Instead of having two distinct assistant commissioners, now there is a junior and senior assistant commissioners. This allows for a clear chain of succession should it be needed. This means Eddie Cruz is the junior assistant commissioner given he was just relected and Raul Zubiate Jr is the senior assistant commissioner.