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2015 Sets On The Sand Tournament Teams

The following is a list of teams registered for the 2015 tournament, kept for posterity's sake.

Please note that the appearance of an individual's or team's name on this website is not an indication of that individual's sexual orientation, sexual preference, or sexual identity.

2015 Sets On The Sand Team List
Number Team Name Pool Play Group
1 Ball Slappers A1
2 Spiketrons A5
3 Ion Party Penguins A4
4 You Can't Set With Us A3
5 4play in da Sand B4
6 Practice Safe Sets B3
7 Daddy's Boys B2
8 Las Cobras A2
9 Woodchucks B1


2015 Sets On The Sand Tournament Schedule and Brackets

A copy of the schedule and brackets can be downloaded by clicking on the image below, kept for posterity's sake.

2015 Tournament Schedule Image