Current Board Members

Your current board members are as follows:

Conard Franz (Commissioner) Picture
Conard Franz
Eddie Cruz (Senior Assistant Commissioner) Picture
Eddie Cruz
Assistant Commissioner
Ernesto Lopez (Junior Assistant Commissioner) Picture
Ernesto Lopez
Assistant Commissioner
Fabian Smith (Secretary) Picture
Fabian Smith
Sheldon Baldwin (Treasurer) Picture
Sheldon Baldwin
Robert Pena (Assistant Treasurer) Picture
Robert Pena
Assistant Treasurer
Johanna Lorraine (Player Representative) Picture
Johanna Lorraine
Player Representative
Justin Barh (Public Relations) Picture
Justin Barh
Public Relations
and Promotions

Board meetings are usually held the third Tuesday of the month. Anyone that is interested is welcome to attend these meetings. The next board meeting will be December 18, 2018 at 6:00 pm at Wyndham Garden Midtown (3600 N. 2nd Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85012).

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