Last Updated: December 17, 2015


The details of the election process are explained in article VIII of our bylaws. The election information is summarized here for clarity's sake. Detailed descriptions of requirements and responsibilites for each postion are found in our bylaws.

The same person cannot hold more than one office. Each officer of the commission is elected for a two year term.

The treasurer is never a directly elected position. The assistant treasurer is elected every year. The assistant treasurer will become the league treasurer in the second year of their term. Likewise, the senior assistant commissioner is never a directly elected position. The junior assistant commissioner is elected every year. The junior assistant commissioner will become the senior assistant commissioner in the second year of their term.

The election of officers is held yearly by a written ballot during a period of competitive activity. Typically the election takes place at the Fall season awards banquet.

Officers are elected based on the following table below.

AZGV Election Cycle
Up For Election On Position
Even Year Commissioner
Junior Assistant Commissioner
Assistant Treasurer

(Junior Assistant Commissioner Becomes Senior Assistant Commissioner)
(Assistant Treasurer Becomes Treasurer)
Odd Year Junior Assistant Commissioner
Public Relations
Player Representative
Assistant Treasurer

(Junior Assistant Commissioner Becomes Senior Assistant Commissioner)
(Assistant Treasurer Becomes Treasurer)

Election Information

Elections will be held on December 10, 2018 during the Fall season awards banquet.

All members are notified of the upcoming election via email and Facebook on or before November 12, 2018 (4 weeks prior to the election). If you do not receive our periodic emails and Facebook announcements containing league news and event information, please send us a request to be added to our email distribution list and like us on Facebook.

If you wish to run for a board position, you need to send us an email using our contact form by November 26, 2018 (2 weeks prior to the election) indicating your intent to run. Please send your name, the division(s) your currently play in, the position you are interested in, a short biography, and the reason why you would like to join the board.

2015 Election Candidates

The positions up for election in 2015 are the Junior Assistant Commissioner position currently occupied by Eddie Cruz, the Assistant Treasurer position currently occupied by Sheldon Baldwin, the Player Representative position currently occupied by Ernesto Lopez, and the Public Relations position currently occupied by Kevin Bushaw. The current outgoing Assistant Treasurer Juan Chia will be replaced by Sheldon Baldwin. The current outgoing Senior Assistant Commissioner Robert Wellman (appointed by the Board upon Raul Zubieta resignation) will be replaced by Eddie Cruz.

Biographical information of those running for office is posted below, so you can make a more informed choice during the election. A summary of the 2015 candidate information can be downloaded here in pdf format, convenient for printing.

Player Representative

Player Representative Candidate Picture - Johanna Lorraine
  • Name:Johanna Lorraine
  • Division(s) Participate In: Monday B
  • Reason Running for Office: My name is Johanna Lorraine, I have an interest to run for the Player Representitive position for the Arizona Gay Vollyeball League. I am currently an active player in the B division, playing at Wyndham Garden Hotel. I have a passion for volleyball and played in high school and managed men's volleyball after playing the woman's season. My intention for applying for the player representative position is to grow with the league. I'd like to meet and help place all veteran and new players to the league. I have the personality to help create teams and bring all new players into the fun friendly competitive family we have on the courts of AZGV. I am already active in the league, some recognition and responsibility will not be taken lightly and I will always perform my duties above and beyond what is asked of me
  • Biography:

Assistant Treasurer

Assistant Treasurer Candidate Picture - Robert Pena
  • Name: Robert Pena
  • Division(s) Participate In: Monday B and Tuesday B/C division
  • Reason Running for Office:Hello this is Robert Pena and I would like to run for assistant treasurer of the board

    I also feel that my financial planning and advice background will be very helpful in this role
  • Biography: I have been playing volleyball with AZGV for the past 5 years and it quickly became my favorite pastime. I truly want to give back to an organization that has really played a positive role in my recent years

Junior Assistant Commissioner

Junior Assistant Commissioner Candidate Picture - Ernesto Lopez
  • Name: Ernesto Lopez
  • Division(s) Participate In:Monday A, Tuesday B/C division
  • Reason Running for Office: I am interested in running for the Junior Assistant Commissioner position to continue the positive growth of the AZGV. I have been on the Board for over 4 years. In that time AZGV has doubled in size, increased our presence in the community at large and recently was declared a 501(c)3 charitable organization by the IRS. Over the next two years I would like to see AZGV become a leading organization in the community by pooling our resources and talent to reduce cost for all sports, increase participation and become a strong voice in the Valley.
  • Biography: I have worked in the retail business for over 15 years. I love working with people. I have particpated on numerous boards, non profits, and community programs. Working with people has always been a passion of mine.

Public Relations

Public Relations Candidate Picture - Justin Barh
  • Name: Justin Barh
  • Division(s) Participate In: Mondays A, Tuesday A/B
  • Reason Running for Office: I’m looking forward to getting even more involved with volleyball and helping others get involved and enjoy the game as much as I do
  • Biography: Currently I’m working as a market research analyst for Cairn Consulting Group, and going to ASU full-time as a software engineer. I’ve always had a passion for sports, have captained multiple teams, and even played hockey for NAU’s Division two team. I have also been played volleyball, kickball, lacrosse, soccer, rugby, and other various competitive sports.

2015 Election Results

We want to thank all candidates for running for office. We have such a vibrant and active organization because we consistently have people willing to serve and help make our organization better year after year. It is a great testament that to the quality of our membership that they care enough to give back and have people take on leadership roles within our organization.

Congratulations to the following new board members who will take office on January 1, 2016: Ernesto Lopez will be returning as your new Junior Assistant Commissioner, Justin Bahr will be your new Public Relations Officer, Johanna Lorraine will be your new Player Representative, and Robert Pena as your new Assistant Treasurer.

We thank all outgoing board members for their hard work, dedication, and service. The league would not be what it is today without people willing to step up, make a difference, and serve their community, so thank you!

Bylaw Update: After a bylaw meeting scheduled after the election, a few bylaws have been approved. A fiscal year has been set, new requirements for budgeting deadlines, a cap was set on the Associations "rainy day" fund, new job descriptions have been added to the Commissioner, Player Representative and Treasurer.